Current of Opulence

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Terrell Maurice
American, b. 1985
Dimensions: 16 in x 20 in
Medium: Oil & acrylic on mixed media
Date Completed: March 2024

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    This abstract painting, by Terrell Maurice, is a captivating example of expressive abstractionism. The canvas is dominated by bold strokes of cobalt blue and cadmium orange, their contrasting hues creating a dynamic tension. The application of paint is energetic and gestural, with the use of impasto technique in the orange sections adding a layer of textural interest.

    The artist’s energetic brushstrokes and the interplay of cool and warm colors evoke a sense of movement and energy. The contrasting colors are carefully balanced throughout the composition, preventing the eye from settling on one particular area for too long. This encourages the viewer to explore the entire canvas, taking in the dynamic interplay of color and form.

    While the painting is largely abstract, hints of representational forms emerge upon close inspection. The subtle suggestion of a rectangular shape in the center, outlined in contrasting blue and orange, adds a layer of intrigue and invites conversation with the viewer.

    Overall, this is a well-executed abstract painting that is both visually engaging and thought-provoking. It is a bold example of Expressionist abstraction, and it would be a worthy addition to any collection of contemporary visual art.