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A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting

By March 22, 2024April 27th, 2024No Comments

The world of art collecting might seem intimidating, reserved for  celebrities and the ultra-wealthy. The truth is: anyone with a passion for creativity and a strategic approach can become a collector of contemporary art. Whether you’re a busy professional or a growing family, here’s how to jumps tart your collecting journey from right where you are.

Find Your Spark
Art appreciation is subjective. Don’t chase trends or feel pressured to buy a specific artist. Instead, explore! Visit museums (many have free or discounted entry days), attend gallery openings, and browse virtual galleries and online art platforms. What resonates with you? Is it the bold colors of abstract expressionism or the intricate details of realism?Trust your gut and gravitate toward the art that evokes emotions or sparks conversation. Sometimes, you just know you’ve found it when you see it.

Set a Budget and Stick to It
Collecting art shouldn’t break the bank. Decide on a comfortable monthly or yearly amount you can allocate. Factor in framing and potential future maintenance costs. Remember, even smaller, limited-edition prints or artist-made objects can be valuable additions to your collection.

Support Emerging Artists
There is a vibrant pool of emerging talent in the US and beyond. Look for artists exhibiting at local galleries, art fairs, or showcasing their work online. Elliston Fine Art is currently featuring artists on the continent and in the US. Not only are you acquiring a unique piece, but you’re also supporting the growth of a promising career.

Grow Your Knowledge
Read art publications, listen to artist podcasts, follow the social media accounts for artists, curators, and galleries, and attend artists’ talks.The more you learn about artistic movements, media, and the artists’ background, the more informed your collecting choices will be.

Build Relationships
Galleries are more than just places to buy art. They’re hubs for connection. Speak with gallerists and curators. They can be invaluable resources, guiding you toward the pieces that align with your tastes and budget.

Enjoy the Process
Collecting art isn’t just about acquiring pieces; it’s about building a personal connection with the art world. Take pride in your growing collection, share it with friends and family, and most importantly, enjoy the beauty and inspiration it brings into your life.

Remember, collect the art that resonates with you.