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Who We Are

Elliston Fine Art represents emerging visual artists whose works reflect the various dimensions and hues of the African diaspora. While our artists are primarily based in Africa and the Caribbean -- we also turn the spotlight on artists living in any part of the world where the diaspora chooses to call home.

Gallerist & Founder

Dwight Elliston

Dwight’s journey to the art world began in his childhood when he discovered his passion for drawing.  Over the years, he developed his talent through academic supplementation – everything from formal art classes to art appreciation and art history.  Even though he took his parents’ advice to focus on science and numbers to make a living, he never ventured too far from his roots as an artist.

Many who know him would not be surprised that he started to collect art as an adult—a development that started with a trip to Brazil in 2008.  During that visit, Dwight was struck by the beauty and diversity of the local art scene, and soon found himself acquiring original works of art that had resonance for him.

Since then, Dwight has become an avid collector having acquired several pieces that highlight and are centered on the experience of the African diaspora.  As an artist himself, he appreciates the power of creative expression and strives to support artists who are breaking new ground by shining a spotlight on the simple act of existing by their subjects.  In his own artistic practice, Dwight prefers to work with pencil and paper a medium he favors because of its forgiving nature, and for its ability to make alluring the simplicity of monochrome hues.

With his keen eye for quality and his dedication to fostering creativity and artistic expression, Dwight has quickly made a name for himself in the art world.  Elliston Fine Art is a testament to his passion and his commitment to showcasing the very best emerging artists breaking into the art scene.  Dwight is committed to making sure experienced  and new collectors—or anyone who is curious about acquiring artworks that are both approachable and challenging—can be sure to discover something to suit their respective tastes.


Hodari Olivier

Rwandan, b. 1995

Hodari Olivier, who signs his works as Odar, is a Rwandan visual artist. He completed his education at the prestigious art school, Ecole du Art Nyundo, where he majored in painting and sculpture. After graduating, Hodari fully engaged himself in practicing art. He is a talented, powerful, mystical and highly-motivated artist whose growing portfolio consisting of more than 200 pieces.

In his paintings, he uses numerous layers of color and stylized forms with bold and gracious figures that demonstrate his trained and natural excellence. Hodari finds more comfort in contemporary abstract style and applies the in-depth knowledge he acquired at school in an inventive way to successfully achieve his goals. In 2018, Hodari was featured in a selection of the best Rwandan young artists by the Master Card Foundation Rwanda’s Hope, Energy and Ingenuity: Voices of African Youth Program.

To create his art, Hodari relies on the inspiration he draws from the world around him. He continually pushes himself never to rest on his laurels, and adopts as his credo “what I master today will make history tomorrow.” In 2020, Hodari founded a charitable organization that focuses on using the arts as a vehicle to benefit street children in Rwanda. The organization, Art for Change for Street Children Rwanda, derives support from proceeds generated by sales of his art. This charity is the realization of a dream that Hodari has had since 2010.

His works have been displayed all around Rwanda, and he has been featured in numerous exhibitions in East Africa, the United States, Japan, and Austria. In 2022, he was also featured in an exhibit at Belgian ambassador’s residence in Kigali, Rwanda.


Willy Karekezi

Rwandan, b. 1993

Willy Karekezi, a Rwandan artist, was born in 1993 and is entirely self-taught. He currently lives in Rwanda, and works at the Indiba Arts Space Kigali. Karekezi employs painting on canvas, sculpture, installations, and public art to drive his provocative artwork that speaks truth to power.

Karekezi's work aims to share his experiences and realities, as well as those of others, and he believes that art transcends boundaries, enabling him to tell stories and communicate with society. He is also committed to sharing his passion with the community through educational programs and has worked in refugee camps in Rwanda and Uganda.

Karekezi seeks to benefit communities by providing practical, financial, and emotional support through workshops, exhibitions, installations, and creating a dialogue within society. His artwork has been exhibited in several countries including solo and group exhibitions in Rwanda, Tanzania, Austria, Germany, South Africa, and the United States. He has also worked with the Moleskine Foundation, American Refugee Committee, European Youth Exchange Project, Kinderfreunde Austria, and other organizations. He has participated in the artist residency program at the Nafasi Art space in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Terrell Maurice

American. b. 1895

Terrell Maurice emerges as a contemporary artist whose journey is deeply intertwined with his innate ability to wield visual language as a means of profound expression. Eschewing the traditional path of formal training, Maurice's artistic evolution finds its roots in his intimate connection with his muse – the human face – serving as the conduit for his creative expression. His early exposure to the transformative potential of visual elements laid the groundwork for his subsequent foray into the realm of fine art.

A pivotal moment in Maurice's artistic odyssey unfolded with his relocation to Philadelphia in 2017, a city that has since become his vibrant creative backdrop. Immersed in Philadelphia's rich tapestry of street art, Maurice found himself captivated by the audacious expressions and dynamic energy emanating from its murals and graffiti. These encounters proved to be catalytic, igniting within him a fervent desire to chart new avenues of dialogue with his audience.

Maurice's artistic style defies simple classification; it is a nuanced tapestry woven from complexity and dynamism. His oeuvre spans the gamut from abstract to Avant Garde, with pieces that traverse the boundaries between modernism and cubism. Employing a diverse array of mediums, including acrylics, oils, and mixed media, Maurice crafts works that confront and provoke the viewer. His canvases serve as platforms for the expression of raw emotion, inviting audiences on a deeply personal voyage of discovery and introspection. Through deliberate color palettes and textured surfaces, Maurice extends an invitation not only to see but also to touch, forging a tactile connection with his art.

Central to Maurice's artistic ethos is a steadfast belief in the transformative power of art as a force for positive change within the community. His work has been showcased in prestigious exhibitions such as the "Black Boy Art Show" in Philadelphia, where it garnered widespread acclaim, as well as at the Colored Girls Museum. Several of Maurice's pieces have found a home in the collections of discerning collectors within the Philadelphia metro area, testament to the enduring impact of his artistic vision.


Everaldo Matonse

Mozambican, b. 1981


Benjamin Offei-Nyarko

Ghanaian, b. 1951

Benjamin Offei-Nyarko was born in August 1951 in Atibie/Mpraeso, Ghana. He received his primary and middle school education at the Presbyterian schools in Abetifi and continued with his secondary education at the Presbyterian Boys Secondary School in Odumase Krobo and LEGON. He completed his 6th-form education at Achimota.

Benjamin went on to attend the College of Art at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, where he studied under several notable artists including Leroy Mitchell, Owusu Dartey, Profs. Tetteh, Asihene, and Ato Delaquis. He earned his BA degree in painting in 1976.

He later pursued his MFA at the Nikolai Pavlovich's Institute of Fine Art in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he studied under the tutelage of Prof. Peter Mihailov. He then returned to KNUST where he was appointed lecturer in 1985 until his retirement in 2011.

Throughout his career, Benjamin has also received several notable fellowships and scholarships, including the 1989-1990 British Council Fellowship at Medlock Fine Art Institute in Manchester, UK. From 1999-2000, he was the Fulbright Scholar in Residence at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Offei-Nyarko’s art is inspired by his academic training, his Africanness, and his commitment to equality and social justice. He considers himself a social activist, and has recently incorporated traditional Ghanaian symbols into his works. He is particularly fond of using a female figure as his muse to tell stories through his art. Nyarko signs his art as BON.

He has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Ghana dating back to the 1980s. In 2001, he was the prize winner at the International Exhibition of Sacred Art in Padua, Italy. He was also featured in the publication, Twentieth Century Art by Kojo Fosu, and participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Ghana as well as California, and North Carolina in the USA. Offei-Narko's works have been collected by the former heads of state of Nigeria and Ghana.


Iirumva Isaac

Rwandan, b. 1998

Iirumva Isaac’s practice continually explores the themes of relationships, culture, and change. His creations reveal how art can bridge the gaps of communication and understanding between different cultures, generations, and even lovers. He questions whether identity is defined by the self or the perceptions of others. Born in 1998, Isaac defines his art as contemporary 21st-century style, influenced by global cultures and technological advancement. His art features bright colors and playful characters of a naïve style that immediately engage the viewer, transporting them to a story in progress with captivating interactions. Isaac's welcoming interiors and insightful titles provide clues to the unfolding drama, inviting viewers to peer closer and unravel the ambiguity and layers to understand what's really happening.

Isaac's exploration of culture over time, examines how to bridge generational shifts between the young, who are wedded to technology, and the old, who cling to tradition. Through his portraits of romantic couples, from date night to marriage, he depicts affection and humor, along with the frustrations encountered on the path to intimacy. Portraits of friends show camaraderie mixed with healthy competition.

Isaac's use of bold colors, characterization, and humorous titles to infuse life into his paintings and give identity to his characters. Isaac is a self-taught artist who currently lives and works in Kigali, Rwanda. In 2022, he was a finalist in the pan-African Emerging Painting Invitational.


Ma-Lik Nasir

American, b. 1969

Ma-Lik Nasir, a North America-born artist, whose life path has taken him far beyond its borders. One notable period in his life’s journey led him to China, where he spent two years, immersing himself in the study of light and composition. With a diverse background encompassing interior design, lighting, color theory, and even his experiences as a touring funk/soul/gospel drummer, Ma-Lik's artistic ventures have been enriched by his multifaceted expertise. In his photography, for example, all these elements seamlessly converge.

Exploring an array of styles, Ma-Lik's portfolio encompasses fashion, portraiture, fine art, landscape, architectural, and long exposure photography. Each image within his collection resonates with the pulsating rhythm, captivating style, and unbridled joy that permeate the tapestry of the Black experience.

Reflecting on his passion and motivation, Ma-Lik shares, "My culture—the way we walk, speak, live, and view the world, along with our countless contributions to the human experience—is simply what drives me. My life has always been dedicated to honoring my culture and expressing it through various art forms. The architectural marvels, distinctive style, profound history, and the transformative power to reshape the world we inhabit all nourish my artistic fervor. Photography has granted me the ability to accomplish what I could never achieve otherwise—it freezes time and immortalizes moments that will forever speak to the soul."

Ma-Lik Nasir's profound connection to his heritage, combined with his artistic vision and technical prowess, infuses his photography with a timeless and captivating allure. Through his lenses, he offers a window into the tapestry of the Black experience, celebrating its vibrancy, resilience, and boundless beauty.

Elliston Fine Art is dedicated to being your trustworthy partner for acquiring art.  We work directly with artists to create opportunities for you to acquire their works whether you are starting a new collection, adding to an existing collection or looking for something unique to decorate your walls.  We provide assurances that the artwork you purchase is created by the artist, and that it is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.