Threads Togetherness

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Artist: Hodari Olivier
Rwandan, b. 1995
Dimensions: 35 in x 39 in
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Subject: Abstract
Date Completed: 03/2024

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    Threads Togetherness features a striking composition commanding the viewer’s attention with its bold interplay of color and form. There is a gestural approach to act of painting, where the brushstrokes and the dripping of paint are left visible–adding a layer of raw energy and movement to the work. Hodari’s use of vibrant hues juxtaposed with stark black drips creates a dynamic tension within the visual space. The thick black lines that meander down the canvas interrupting the color fields suggest figures or perhaps trees in a primal, expressionistic forest. The painting does not shy away from eliciting a visceral response—inviting viewers to confront the rawness of the artist’s expression and, perhaps, to turn that gaze inward at the tensions between their own emotions.