Queen I

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Terrell Maurice
American, b. 1985
Dimensions: 12 in x 12 in
Medium: Acrylic and Indian ink on fibrous paper
Date Completed: September 2022

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    Queen 1 is one part of a pair of paintings that emerges as a poignant and enigmatic representation of regal femininity, encapsulated within the spontaneous yet deliberate strokes of the artist’s brush. The artwork commands attention with its raw textures and earthy palette, invoking a visceral connection to the very essence of nature and humanity. The subject’s visage is rendered with a rich interplay of shadow and light, carving out a serene countenance that exudes a sense of introspective tranquility. Her closed eyes suggest an inward gaze, possibly alluding to the meditative state of a ruler who bears the weight of her role with a graceful fortitude.

    The artist employs a striking contrast between the bold outlines that define the subject and the subtle complexities of the textured background created by the medium itself. This interplay of texture and form is further accentuated by the use of a warm, predominantly ochre color scheme, punctuated by darker elements that lend the piece a sculptural depth. The inclusion of the ankh symbol etched into the forehead of the figure imbues the artwork with a sense of timeless spirituality and connects the subject to a lineage of ancient symbolism.

    The piece demonstrates the artist’s skill in harnessing the abstract to capture the profundity of the human experience. The artwork speaks to the viewers on multiple levels, inviting them to interpret the silent narrative woven into its very fibers. It is a piece that will be certain to resonate with the viewer, offering new revelations with each viewing.