Strawberry Noir

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Terrell Maurice
American, b. 1985
Dimensions: 30 in x 24 in
Medium: Oil and acrylic on canvas
Date Completed: January 2023

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    Strawberry Noir is another captivating abstract work by Terrell Maurice, and one that dances between the playful and the enigmatic. It reveals itself as a vibrant tapestry of reds and pinks that dominate the foreground. Their circular forms are reminiscent of plump strawberries and suggestiveness of feminine intrigue. These colors and shapes emerge to the surface of the canvas and do so with a playful energy, and their gestural brushstrokes hint at movement and life. The inky blacks and stormy blues form the backdrop, creating a sense of tension and unease.

    The contrasting color palette creates a dynamic composition, drawing the viewer’s eye into the heart of the artwork. The biomorphic shapes, particularly the large red circles, add a sense of whimsy and organic energy. Yet, the darkness at the periphery creates a lingering unease, inviting multiple interpretations and encouraging a deeper engagement with the piece.