Queen II

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Terrell Maurice
American, b. 1985
Dimensions: 12 in x 12 in
Medium: Oil and acrylic on fibrous paper
Date Completed: September 2022

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    Titled Queen II, this abstract artwork is a bold and evocative exploration of identity and power. It is a companion piece to Queen I, also available from this gallery.  With Queen II, Terell Maurice presents to us a face that is at once stark and enigmatic, rendered in a palette dominated by the earthy richness of burnt sienna juxtaposed against a backdrop of textured golds and subtle crimson flecks. The subject’s features are outlined in decisive black, creating a stark contrast that captures the viewer’s gaze and draws them into a contemplative engagement with the piece.

    The crown-like arrangement of shapes atop the figure’s head suggests a regal bearing, while the penetrating gaze of the almond-shaped eyes conveys an intense and commanding presence. This is a queen who does not merely wear her title but embodies it; her power emanates from within and is articulated through every deliberate mark on the canvas. The interplay of light and shadow across the visage adds depth and complexity, inviting the viewer to ponder the layers of meaning beneath the surface.

    The piece stretches the definition of portraiture. It is a celebration of strength and the unspoken gravitas of its subject. The painting would make a compelling addition to any collection, offering a daily reminder of the silent, dignified authority that it represents. With its vibrant textures and compelling composition, this piece is sure to be a conversation starter, challenging and inspiring all who have the pleasure of standing before it.