Bonds Togetherness

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Artist: Hodari Olivier
Rwandan, b. 1995
Dimensions: 37 in x 45 in
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Subject: Abstract
Date Completed: March 2024

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    Bonds Togetherness is a symphony of color and form that defies the conventional bounds of representation. Hodari employs a vivacious palette that ranges from the warm, earthy tones of sienna and ochre to the celestial hues of cobalt and ultramarine. These are all set against a backdrop of vibrant color choices. The composition is a maelstrom of gestural brushstrokes and dripping paint, suggesting a controlled chaos that is both raw and refined. Bold, impasto applications of paint create a tactile surface that invites the viewer to ponder the materiality of the medium itself. The dripping effect evokes a sense of gravity and time, as if the colors themselves are in a state of flux, cascading down the canvas in a waterfall of pigments. This work is an abstract expressionist feast, a testament to the artist’s bold exploration of color, form, and the very act of painting. It stands as a powerful conversation between the artist and the medium.